Who's Better? Biggie, Pac, Or Supertramp?

Who's Better? Biggie, Pac, Or Supertramp?

The debate has dragged on for decades, but it is high time we decide. Who’s the best of the best? Is it the Brooklyn-made Notorious B.I.G., with his effortless storytelling, compelling beats, and rhyme scheme to school anybody? Is it the west side pope himself, TuPac, whose conscious rhymes ignited the fire inside of young black america?

Or is it Supertramp? The progressive London-based rock band with albums such as “Breakfast in America” and “Crime of the Century.” 

While yes, Big has such amazing lines as:

It don’t make sense goin' to heaven with the goodie goodies dressed in white /
I like Black Timbs and black hoodies

And Pac had: 

I see mothers in black cryin, brothers in packs dyin / 
Plus everybody’s high, too doped up to ask why

Supertramp had the timeless line: 

Can we have kippers for breakfast / 
Mummy Dear, Mummy dear

It really is impossible to tell.

Well, what about style?

It’s… It’s still so close. 

It’s… It’s still so close. 

What about who they used to date? Let’s look…

Biggie Smalls dated Lil’ Kim, the iconic and celebrated female rapper from Brooklyn. They even worked together in Junior M.A.F.I.A and put out Conspiracy together. Definitely some high company. 

And what about Tupac? Whoa baby. He used to date Madonna, Whitney Houston, and some even say Jada Pinkett Smith. Now that’s something special. Surely all of those high caliber names mean something to the legacy of Tupac. 

And now Supertramp. 

Roger Hodgson I think dated someone named Miriam? I think? I don’t know.
Frank Farrell er… definitely married a lady. She wears a lot of sweaters, that I know. 
Rick Davies and Kevin Currie married teachers. And Dave Winthrop, and I’m really stretching for this one, was last scene dating an oatmeal box model. 

But hey. Still pretty good. 

How they died.

Now this could be the tie breaker, folks. Tupac and Biggie, as everyone knows, are both dead. Killed by gunmen in a West Coast / East Coast feud for the ages. But what people don’t know… Is that Supertramp was in that feud too. And they lived. 

That’s right. Supertramp survived the infamous 3-Way Beef.

But it’s still so close to tell.

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